Since we started building our herd, we aimed to produce progeny that had a balanced pedigree of the three strains of Wagyu. Which are Tajima, Shimane, and Kedaka. Each three have their own characteristics. Tajima is world renown for their ability to have extremely high marbling. On the latter, high percentage Tajima cattle are usually all‐around smaller when born and have a slower growth rate. The last two wagyu strains, Shimane & Kedaka strains, offer exceptional marbling ability as well, but also have shown to be slightly bigger framed cattle, and have better maternal abilities such as milking for the calves. After researching these characteristics, we chose to use more of a balance of the three strains so that each strain complements one another with progeny that have outstanding marbling, and good growth rates and maturing ability for a fuller framed wagyu.
Our foundation sires for our cows originate from the “Original Sires” of the wagyu breed straight from Japan and Australia. In the pedigrees you see world‐renowned sire names in the wagyu world such as, Michifuku, ShigeShigetani, Sanjirou, Itomichi ½, Takazakura, and Itohana 2. We also believe the sons of these amazing wagyu sire bulls offer just as much value and offer some diversity of wagyu genetics and should not be overlooked.
The beef industry today has had a major shift towards luxury meats and the public being more interested in these meat grades and especially the wagyu name that has become very popular on restaurant menus and in grocery stores that have started using the “wagyu” name marketing their products. It is very important to understand that not all wagyu is the same, especially with how it is marketed in restaurant menus and grocery stores. “American Style” wagyu is ONLY ½ wagyu at best, not 100%, and the other half is usually commercial angus. Sometimes it may only be ¼ wagyu. There are few restaurants and especially grocery stores that can sell 100% wagyu meat products. That’s why all our cattle are DNA verified to show their 100% wagyu lineage and are registered to show authenticity with the American Wagyu Association.